Referrals Online

August 13, 2020 / Community

Today, we the Community Trust have launched the online referral tool.

The referral tool is open to the public and agencies across the city of Dundee. The Trust has a range of programmes that can help with individuals wellbeing, including emotional, physical and mental wellbeing and can offer equipment and/or clothing if required. If we don’t have the expertise, then we will reach out to our network in the city that can help.  Please click here to access the referral form. 


The referral form is not needed for the following;

-Soccer classes

-Soccer holiday camps

Help Us

Support your Trust 

Businesses can sponsor a DFC community programme or individuals can set up a standing order with the Community Trust and enable the Trust to help even more people in our community. Your donation/sponsor can deliver change & transform peoples lives in our community. Please email [email protected] to find out more.





DFC in the Community Trust are proud to pair with Dundee Football Club, the SPFL Trust and NHS Scotland. The Trust works in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Scotland, City Council, and many organisations across the city to deliver a range of projects to help transform peoples lives.