Soccer Against Poverty 2020

January 20, 2019 / Community

Dundee FC Community Trust are delighted to announce details of our Soccer Against Poverty programme.

We are committed to transforming lives in our city and our programme supports young people who are in poverty in the city. Around 31% of children in Dundee are in poverty (Child Poverty Action Group 2018), that has risen by 3% in 12months. DFC Community Trust want to reverse that. Change is needed and we can be part of the catalyst for change. Sport can be used to teach and practice transferable social, job and life skills that can lead to well-being, economic participation, productivity and resilience.

Football has the power to change people’s lives.

Already we have seen the community come together, with Invergowrie Dark Blues donating money for some children to attend free at our soccer camps and Happy Mondees DSC donating ten footballs.

Dundee City Councillors have backed our programme calling it ‘noble, laudable and brilliant work’.

Greg Fenton DFC Community Trust Manager “Football has the power to change lives & giving children football boots removes any potential barriers so they can enjoy the sport they love. We have spoken to many individuals and groups in the City, United Kingdom and Worldwide about this project. The more support our project receives, the more people it can benefit.”  


Therefore we are now asking the community to back our Soccer Against Poverty Programme, which has three stages, with stage one commencing from January 2020.


  • Stage 1/ Football boots & Goalkeeping Gloves to be donated by the community (Children/Teenage sizes)

Many children might have received new football boots at Christmas, so rather than throwing away your old ones, why not recycle them so they can be re-used by others. As long as the football boots are in decent/good condition and clean they can be reused and remove a potential barrier for young people in a sport that they love. Together, with the community coming together we are transforming lives. Please hand them into Dens Park Stadium.


Alternatively you can donate to the Trust with proceeds going towards our Soccer Against Poverty and all community programmes to help transform lives in the community. To donate, please click on the donate button at the top of the page or via this link


Further enquires please email Greg Fenton; [email protected]



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Businesses can sponsor a DFC community programme or individuals can set up a standing order with the Community Trust and enable the Trust to help even more people in our community. Your donation/sponsor can deliver change & transform peoples lives in our community. Please email [email protected] to find out more.





DFC in the Community Trust are proud to pair with Dundee Football Club, the SPFL Trust and NHS Scotland. The Trust works in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Scotland, City Council, and many organisations across the city to deliver a range of projects to help transform peoples lives.